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My Schedule For Today

list I know you are all wondering what I am going to do today, so here is my schedule!

1.  Lots of coffee

2.  I currently have two pet sitting jobs.  Both are watching cats and I only have to visit one hour per day at each location.  I will take care of that this morning.

3.  Exercise.  Number 2 on my list will be considered exercise.

4.  Prepare meals for Monday’s work day

5.  Netflix

6.  Play games.

Yes, my life really is this exciting.  Try to contain your envy.

Happy Sunday from Granny K!


9 thoughts on “My Schedule For Today

  1. So jealous you can already check on your veggie garden. Here in Minnesota, we are still having lows in low 30’s and some below freezing…I am hoping to get my garden planted next weekend. Old ‘Ma Nature needs to get with the program! I wanna’ plant my ‘maters! 😉

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