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Talking to Myself

My conversation with my brain last night…

Me:  Okay, here we are in bed.  Can we go to sleep now?

Brain: No.

Me:  Why?

Brain:  I don’t know.  I just don’t feel like sleeping.

Me:  But we are both so tired!  Let’s just this one time sleep and see how it goes?  Don’t make me get all mommy on you!

Brain:  Fine!  But I will have my revenge!

trex My dreams were so strange!  My kids and I were at a house that I don’t know.  Suddenly, my mom is there, too, and I think it was her house.  The house was pretty small, and in the middle of the living room was a pool.  Suddenly, I heard very loud stomping, and the house shook!  It was a T-Rex, stomping through the rooms.  My mom told me that was their security system.  Nobody would break in with that T-Rex there!  I spent the rest of the dream trying to avoid the T-Rex, while my daughter negotiated rent with my mom.  She decided to stay at this house instead of going home.

Well played, tired brain…well played.


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