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Underwear on my Foot!

Now, you might be asking GrannyK, “GrannyK, how did you get underwear on your foot?”

That is a good question!  Maybe I should explain.

When I was a youngster, about 20 years of age, I worked at an insurance company.  I have always been a bit shy and timid, but when I was young I was VERY shy and timid.  Everything intimidated me, and everyone intimidated me.

Well, one day I was at the photo copy machine, doing my photo copy thing, when three of the upper management came out of a nearby office.  I remember immediately getting nervous, even though they probably didn’t even see me or wouldn’t have even known my name.  To me, I just stood out like a sore thumb and I wanted to get the job done and leave.  Of course, they decided to stop within about 10 feet of the copy machine and chit-chat.  Lovely.

I was just finishing with the last copy when I suddenly felt something odd on my right thigh.  It tickled as if something was in my pant leg. I gathered up my papers and prepared to leave, but when I took my first step, whatever was tickling my leg moved quickly to my knee!  I froze in place!  What the heck could that be!

At this point, you might be asking, “GrannyK, was that your underwear?  But how would it do that?”

“Be patient, I will get to that!”

So, as I stood frozen to that spot, facing three uppity-ups of the company, a pair of my underwear fell right out of my pants and onto my foot.  At least they were clean!

Somehow, I reacted quickly.  I turned my back to the men, making sure the underwear stayed on my foot, and casually bent to retrieve them.  I didn’t move too fast and kept it all casual and natural.  For all they knew, I had dropped a paper.  I tucked the undies into my shirt and nonchalantly strolled by them, as if I hadn’t a care in the world.  They didn’t even look my way, so I knew I was in the clear.  I don’t know how they didn’t notice my face glowing red.  If they had seen, I’m sure there would have been loud laughter, even from three very serious guys.

I got to my desk and almost threw up into my garbage can, but I made it!

“But, GrannyK!”  You are saying right now.  “How in the world did they get in your pants like that?  How did you not know they were there?”

“Well, you see.”  I say, “Back in those days polyester pants were all the rage.  When you dry them in the dryer, they soak up electricity.  I was always being zapped when getting those things out of the dryer.  So, they must have stuck tight inside the pants while drying.  How I did not feel them when I put them on, I don’t know.  And how they stayed there for hours, I don’t know.  I guess they were just waiting for the worst time to fall out!”

“You are teasing, aren’t you Grannyk?”

“NO!   It is a true story.  I suggest you check your pants for unwanted underwear before putting them on.  You do not want this to happen to you!”


12 thoughts on “Underwear on my Foot!

  1. Ha Ha Ha! Love it! (Something similar happened to me when I was a teenager at the movies with my friends – only they were in my sleeve!!) 🙂

  2. Oh, Granny. What a situation to be in. Good thing you weren’t wearing a polyester skirt, which would make those undies more obvious. Those men, had they seen the undies, would’ve thought you were stripping to get a promotion and whatnot.

    • Yeah, it was pretty horrible. I don’t know what made me think of it, but I was having a good laugh! I didn’t laugh when it happened, though!

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