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Ask GrannyK About Her Dream Job

So, one of my make believe GrannyK pupils is wanting to talk to me.  I do like questions since that is how we learn!

Student: “So, GrannyK, what is your dream job.  If you could do anything?”

Me:  “I would love to blog and write and make enough to pay the bills!”

Student:  “No, GrannyK, that is more of an IN YOUR DREAMS  type of job.  I mean a real job.”

Me:  Glares

Student:  “You are serious?  But, you could be writing now!  And you have a blog!  Why don’t you work harder at it if you want that so much?”

Me:  “Because you silly, I am working as much as I can to pay bills, and then I am tired!”

Student:  “But, Grannyk, isn’t that more of an excuse than a reason?”

Me:  “OUT!  GET OUT!  I don’t want to listen to this!  School is done.”

Don’t you hate it when the student is right, even if the student is imaginary?



6 thoughts on “Ask GrannyK About Her Dream Job

  1. I think “Out! Get out!” was an excellent response. I LOVE this post. I suppose your student had a point, but we all know it’s not that easy. Oh, OK, I’ll start working harder at it, and as soon as I figure out how to do that, I will write a hell of a blog post about it!

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