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September is a wonderful month here in Idaho.  It starts to cool down, so you can actually go outside without melting into a puddle.  I like to do walks and a bit of yard clean up in September.  And then, there is…

October!  Since I watch kids for a living (I also pet sit, but that is almost the same as having kids), October brings a lot of opportunity for discussion about seasons.   Even though I detest the leaves falling and the trees looking dead, I have to admit that the fall colors are stunning.  We do a lot of crafts with the leaves as well.  October brings Halloween!  I don’t think I’ve met a kid yet that doesn’t like Halloween.  Again, there are a ton of craft and art ideas for the kids.  It makes my life a little easier since it’s very easy to come up with activities!

October brings my birthday, which used to be fun when I was young.  Now, it is just a little scary!  I turned 58 yesterday.  We celebrated by making bacon cheese burgers at home and having cake!  I clogged my arteries and upset my digestive system all in one day!  Go me!  Still, it is a treat and only indulge once in a great while.

Here is a picture of the witch in me.  My face looks incredibly long.  It even scares me!









Here is a picture of the kids I watch.  Their mom posted it to Facebook yesterday with a birthday greeting!  I thought it was sweet of her.  Time for me to get ready for work.  Have a good Saturday, all!



13 thoughts on “October!

  1. Happy Birthday! I personally love the look of the bare tree branches against the sky. I never get bored looking at trees; they are always different! I love all of fall. Glad you enjoyed your indulgence.

  2. Happy belated Birthday to you! how fabulous that you celebrate your birthday in october. it’s the best month of the year and even Mother Nature celebrates with you with colorful trees :o)

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