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Funny Kid Comment

Zander just turned five.  He is a typical rough and rowdy kids.  He loves sports and video games.  He has no time for brushing his teeth and hair.

My son, Chris,  keeps his hair buzzed very short, and I am so jealous of that!  I would love to be able to give my head a quick rinse and be done for the day.   I have a weird combo of ultra fine straight hair and short and very curly hair.  It’s very odd.  I usually wash it every day and then use a straightener to tame it before trying to style it.  It just takes WAY too long and the end result is never all that great anyway.  As I age, I find all of this fuss and bother to be just that…fuss and bother!

So, one day at work I mentioned to Zander that I was going to get my hair cut just like Chris’s.

“What do you think?”  I asked.  “Should I get my hair buzzed off just like his?”

Zander looks at my hair for a few seconds and then shrugged.  “Yeah.”  he said.  “I think it would be fine.  Go ahead.”

He was being sincere.

So, should I?

Maybe, I will just get a shorter style and save the buzz cut for later.




6 thoughts on “Funny Kid Comment

  1. I shaved my head once for a Leukaemia fundraiser. Best thing I ever did. I’ve never gone long ever again. Right now, although my hair is still short by my old standards it is starting to bug me so first chance I get I’m going to get it cut really short again.
    Not sure I’d go buzz cut but short works really well.

  2. I’d say trust the kid, because kids at that age are typically honest. But, with this one – I’d say wait. Having long hair is annoying though. I too am jealous of my son’s hair.

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