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Farts are Important!

I have the most interesting conversations with the kids I watch!  Zander is now five, and very curious about a lot of things.  I never know what question will come out of his mouth next.

Yesterday, he showed me some window decorations that he helped put up.  One was a skeleton.  I asked him if he had fun putting them up.

“No.  It was boring.  Mom sprayed the window with water and I put the stickers on, and that’s all.”  Was his answer.

Then he asked, “How old are skeletons?”

We then had a conversation about how skeletons are inside all of us, and they are the same age as we are.  I told him his is five years old and mine is fifty-eight years old.  I think he started to understand about skeletons.

His next question, “What is inside of us?”

So, we started talking about all that is inside of us.  He seemed interested as I listed the organs and their functions.  Then, he blurted out, “Farts are inside of us, too!”

It took me by surprise, but I didn’t laugh!  I have to keep control when kids are very serious about something and to me it is funny.  It would be rude to laugh.  I explained why we get gas build up and that everyone in the world does this.

“Even YOU?”  he asked.

I told him yes, even me.  It is a natural part of life.

Then, he made his profound statement.  “Farts are important.”

I agreed, and that was the end of the conversation.  I wonder what questions today will bring?

A silly, goofy and very adorable kid!

A silly, goofy, and very adorable kid!





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