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More Baby Pictures

I thought I would bore you all with more pictures of our babies!  I can’t tell you how fun it is to watch these kittens.  Life has been a little stressful (more than usual) lately, but when I watch these two play, I can’t help but smile. That has to be a good thing, right?

My daughter made a little extra money, so she bought the kittens a new toy.  It was on a huge sale on Amazon with free shipping!  I think it’s sad that we can’t support our local stores more, but this same cat tree would have cost $60 more if we had shopped local.


Oreo has made a lot of progress with her shyness.  She no longer always runs and hides if you try to pet her, as long as you approach slowly and with a gentle voice.  She even seems to enjoy being petted and will purr for us!  Oreo had a rough start in life.  When my daughter found them in the bushes outside our house, she was injured.  There was a nasty tear in her right side that went all the way around her back leg joint.  But, there was no blood and the cut looked clean and without infection.  So, momma cat had been taking care of it.  Being the runt of the litter, anyway, she was very weak and wouldn’t even try to nurse.  We got some kitten formula and my daughter fed her.  I watched for any sign that the cut was getting infected, but it never did.  Within 48 hours, it was closing nicely and Oreo would scoot over to momma and nurse.  She was so tiny, though!  She healed very quickly, but was a shy thing.  We fell in love with her while taking care of her.


Salem is just a wild and crazy girl.   She is so full of life!  One of her favorite games is to jump out at you and bat at your legs as you walk by.  So far, she has not used claws, and I am thankful for that!  I love her dearly.  Salem was always the most outgoing of the litter, and the most active!  She is the spitting image of her momma.


We are thinking of getting a spay voucher and getting momma cat fixed.  She seems to think she lives here since she had the kittens.  We tried bringing her in, but she just freaks out and is not shy about using claws.  I know if I take her to the Humane Society, she will just be put down.  That’s what I was told when I called.  If they are wild, they will not get adopted and it’s a 99% chance she will just be put down.  I just can’t bring myself to do that.  So, both the kittens and momma cat (that is what we call her!) will be spayed.  No more kittens at our house!  We will just want to keep them all!


11 thoughts on “More Baby Pictures

  1. Spaying is the best choice. You were so kind to bring in the kittens, and care for them. I have 2 sisters myself and we had them spayed right away (even though they are indoor cats). Momma cat can still have a great life and at least she won’t have more kittens.

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