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Tax Time is a Joy

So, my daughter and I started a partnership in May of 215.  I had a few people tell me it would streamline our finances and make things much easier.  So, being me, I just said OK! and started a business checking account.  Everything was okay until January hit and I realized I know absolutely zero about how to do partnership taxes.  I didn’t even check into how to properly do this when we started.  This is how I function.  I just merrily jump into something before researching.  I am 58 and I still haven’t learned that lesson.  Sad, very sad.

I know it will be fine once I get things going properly, but right now I am so stressed!  My advice to you is to not take advice from me on business because I fly by the seat of my pants most of the time!

I hope you all have a happy tax season.  **grumble**


12 thoughts on “Tax Time is a Joy

  1. A tax accountant might be expensive, but you can take it off on your taxes next year and save yourself a lot of problems. I’ve had a tax accountant do my self-employment taxes for 20 years, and never looked back. I don’t have to fight with a million forms and 2 zillion tax traps (aka laws) and I know it’s done right. 🙂

    Some places will give you a free consultation. At least that was my experience 20 years ago. I don’t know how it works now.

    • lol, no I will owe. I have to pay my self employment tax. We save for it all year and are prepared at least! Thank you for the offer of shredder services, but we recently got 2 of our own. Their names are Oreo and Salem (cats) lol!

    • I don’t think it will be too hard, but I’m terrified of making a mistake on taxes. I will pay to have them done this year, and then I will be able to do it. I just wish I would learn to plan ahead! lol

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