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Dear Cat…

Dear kitty Salem,

You know Granny K loves you.  But, at this moment Granny K does not like you!  You need to stop waking us up every hour at night!  Seriously!  I am 58 years old and need my beauty sleep.  Heck with beauty, I just need sleep!  I know you miss us when we are at work, and we have been working a lot lately.  I would let you in my room if you didn’t try to rearrange it and pull down the curtains.  But, I can’t continue with NO sleep!  Please settle down at night, or play quietly with your many, many toys we have bought you.  Thank you in advance.

Granny K

Does anyone know how to break a cat from screaming and clawing at the door?  We even put a fan right in front of it, blowing outward at full speed, and it didn’t phase her.  I have sprayed the door with vinegar, because I read that works, but she does not care.  I, on the other hand, have to sleep with my nose plugged because that stuff stinks!  I have to keep up with eight kids during the day, and this cannot continue.  Any advice or ideas?


9 thoughts on “Dear Cat…

  1. Play with the kitten until exhausted before going to bed. I used to have Oli chase a feather wand until he started showing that he was out of energy.

    Also have you tried valerian toys? Same kind of effect as catnip but at the end of playing with it most cats fall asleep as valerian is a sleeping medicine herb. 🙂

  2. Actually, cats are NOT nocturnal.

    They are neither nocturnal (up at night) nor diurnal (up in the daytime).

    What they are is “crepuscular”. That means they’re active at dawn and dusk. Evolution has taught them that their best chances of catching game are at those times. It just seems to us that they’re nocturnal because their peak hours coincide with our weak hours!

    You may want to get your cat spayed: http://www.catrescuenetwork.org/benefits-to-spaying-your-cat.html

    Also: http://www.spayxperts.com/blog/will-spay-neuter-calm-my-pet/

    I think the key here is to wear your cat out. I know you’re tired, but kitty needs INTERACTIVE play. Kitty won’t tire herself out no matter how many wonderful toys you have.

    I’m sorry GrannyK, but that’s been my experience with cats … they need play to wear them out.

    Best of luck to you sleepy gal! ❤

  3. Unfortunately, cats are nocturnal so you’re going to have to rearrange her internal clock somehow…..ugh. Might be easier to rearrange yours, huh? Sorry I’m not much help….we got through it here with nighttime isolation until they were older. Any chance you’ve got a spot on the other end of the house where she can play until morning?

    • I think she might be going into heat! Five months seems young, but I have been told it does happen. She has been roaming around calling and calling and rolling all over the floor when we try to pet her. Then she sticks her rear in the air. Time for a surgery, I think!

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