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Wrong Numbers

I have been getting a lot of wrong number calls lately.  I don’t know how many people have had this number, but it must have been around a bit.  Almost every time, they argue with me.

**phone rings**

Me:  “Hello?”

“Can I speak to George?”

Me: “You have a wrong number.  No George here.”

“Are you sure?  Is this (says phone number)?”

Me:  “Yes, that is the number, but no George.”

“But this is the number he gave me.”

Me: “I think I would know if I’m George, or live with George.  I don’t even know a George.”

“Do you know how I can contact George?”  (I have actually been asked this a few times.  Well, not always for George, but you know what I mean)

Me:  “I don’t know George, so no, I don’t know how you can reach him.  Goodbye!”

**I hang up**

I don’t mind wrong numbers, it happens.  But for the love of Pete (don’t know a Pete, either, by the way), don’t argue about it!


6 thoughts on “Wrong Numbers

  1. When we moved into this house we had a number assigned to us that had previously belonged to a family named Davies. We would get innumerable calls for them (clearly they’d neglected to notify people they’d moved/ changed their number!). And while I would politely explain ‘This is no longer the number for the Davies family’, invariably people would ask ‘Well, do you have their new number?’ or ‘Do you know where they moved to?’ It completely baffled me that they couldn’t get their heads around the fact that (1) a phone number is NOT attached to a physical address – meaning I had not moved into the Davies old residence and taken over their phone number, or that (2) I had no idea who these people were, where they had lived before, where they were now, or what their new number was (and neither did I care). It was probably three years before all trace of the Davies’ connection to our phone number was finally exhausted!

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