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Pee on the Slide?

One of the boys I watch is the cutest and most entertaining little person!  He is two and so adorable.  I kind of like him, if you can’t tell.

We went outside the the neighborhood park to play.  We had some rain showers the night before, so the slide was wet.  He sat at the top of the slide, staring at the water drops.

“Pahee! (that is how he says my name, which is Kathy)  Look!  The slide is wet?  Did me pee on it?”  He blurted out.

I thought I had heard wrong, so I asked him to repeat what he said.  He very clearly asked if he peed on it.  I kept a straight face and ensured him that he had not peed on the slide.  He looked relieved and glanced at his one year old brother.

“Baby peed on it?”  He asked.

I had a discussion with him about clouds and rain.  I think he was very happy that it was not pee.  I did later learn that two of his older brothers (the family has 8 boys) had peed on the slide, so that is where he got it from.  It cracked me up that he thought he had done it!  What a job I have!


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