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Freakin’ Bad Eyesight, Anyway!

Just a note to say how frustrating it is to try and pluck the old eyebrows when you can’t see them!

I tried doing it with my reading glasses on so I could actually see my eyebrows but the glasses just got in the way too much.  So, I just did my best and hoped I got them even!  Half the time, I wasn’t even getting any hairs, just pinching the crap out of my skin!  I said some bad words.

Okay, rant over.  I hope you all have a good Wednesday.

I know it’s supposed to be Wordless Wednesday, but being silent is not one of my strong points!


6 thoughts on “Freakin’ Bad Eyesight, Anyway!

  1. The other trick (in addition to the mirror with magnification) is to get near a window where there is some natural sunlight coming in instead of just using artificial light. You wouldn’t believe what a difference that makes!

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