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Ask Granny K: A Perfect Life and Job?

I have heard about such things as working towards a perfect life, or finding a perfect job.  Heck, at one time, I even joined the masses in trying to achieve these things!  I used to be a “joiner”,  you know.

I love kids.  Anyone who reads my poor, neglected blog will know that.  I have always found children fascinating.  So, in my youth I thought my perfect job would be owning a child care facility and working with kids.  I actually did this for fifteen years.  Instead of being happy that I had achieved my perfect job, I was never satisfied with the way it was going.  I wished I had the money for a better playground, or a bigger house to run the business in.  I wished I had more help so I could have more time to develop the perfect preschool curriculum.  I wished, and wished, and wished.  So, I felt that my perfect job was still far away, and I needed to work harder for it.

Now that I am older, I ponder at the thought of a perfect life.  What the heck would that be, anyway?  I can almost (I say almost because although I know tons of things, I don’t know everything!) guarantee that even if you get to a place that you previously thought would be perfect, you won’t quite be satisfied.  You will want just a little more of this or that or the other thing.  Because that is how we humans are.

I’m not saying that is a bad thing.  I think we need goals to keep us driven and excited.  We have a need to improve upon ourselves at all times.  We want just a little more.

What I suggest is this…work towards that little more and be excited, just don’t forget to appreciate and enjoy what you have right now, too.  You will miss so much if you are too focussed on that dream of someday.

I will now leave you with this gem of wisdom to ponder.

Granny K



7 thoughts on “Ask Granny K: A Perfect Life and Job?

  1. Excellent question. How to strike the balance between gratitude and something to strive for and look forward to. If you know how to do this, i’d be interested in knowing how to do this for sure 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, human nature seems to drive us to want ‘more’ when ‘enough’ should suffice. I had a great job for many years (College teacher) but I was always looking for that little ‘something more’ to make it better. Now that I’m retired, I look back and wonder why I wasn’t satisfied with doing a good job and enjoying it, rather than constantly trying to find the ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’. Even in the first few years of retirement, I couldn’t relax and let myself believe it was OKAY to just NOT WORK and ENJOY MYSELF (I’d earned it, after all). I think, as a species, our biggest flaw is not living in the moment and enjoying it – we spend far too much time dwelling on the past and worrying about the future!

  3. I have no clue about a recipe for perfect life… but I know if I had such a perfect life, it would be eggs-tremely boring… I probably would turn into a kleptomaniac or a firebug to make my life less perfect… crazy :o)

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