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My Body is Magic

Okay, my body really is not magic.  I just thought that post title sounded awesome.

Actually, getting older is so strange.  I just shake my head and wonder what the heck my body is thinking.  All of these changes that I did not authorize.

Many years ago, when I had my first child, I had toxemia and swelled up like crazy.  I couldn’t wear shoes because my feet were huge and round.  Just walking was a chore with rounded feet!  Since then, I have had a slight problem with retaining water, but it’s usually easily controlled.  For some reason, this summer my ankles and feet are swelling like crazy.  I gained six pounds in one day!  I have been sitting more than I normally do, and I think this has a lot to do with it.  Today, I was working more and took some kids to the park.  I was on my feet most of the morning, and tonight my feet and ankles are not as swollen!

I am going to be very busy watching eight boys the next two days, so hopefully, it will get better.  If not, I guess I will break down and go to the doctor.  I am glad I don’t have a desk job.  I can’t even imagine how big my legs and feet would be by the end of a week!  I would probably break a world’s record or something.

I hope you all are surviving the hot, hot, HOT summer!  We have no Air Conditioner so we have roughly 100 fans going in all of the rooms.  We don’t even try to communicate around here in the summer because the fans make so much noise.  We have developed a bit of our own sign language and it works fine!  I’m not about to turn a fan off!

Be safe and keep writing!



One thought on “My Body is Magic

  1. I hope it will be better soon… hughs to you… I hear ya for the ac… we had the first hot day yesterday and egg-sactly this day the ac of the car died and I got a free sauna treatment :o(

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