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SPAM, The Other White Meat

I like Spam.  If you add cubed Spam to some hash browns and scrambled eggs it makes a great breakfast bowl.  I also like to roll it up with a nice blanket of soft tortilla.  Awww, Spam.  How I love thee, you sinful meat that is very unhealthy and avoided by many.  I lied in the post title.  It is not white.  If you have white Spam, I suggest you throw it away.

“But, Granny K, there are other types of spam that you might not like.”  You might say.

“Don’t I know it!”  I reply.

You laugh.  “Do you even know what spam I am talking about?”


“Of course I do.  I am familiar with spam and scams.  I recently put my business on Care.com and I have lived to regret it.  Talk about spam and scams!”

“Do tell, Granny K!”  You ask enthusiastically.

“The Care.com site is okay, and it isn’t really their fault.  I want to say that first.  But, since listing the business and advertising there, my phone has been BOMBED with spam and attempted scams!  The worst part is how stupid they are.  A typical message would read like this:

My name is Ann and I am not in your area, but my friend lives there and is looking for a care provider for her daughter (or son, or dog).  She needs someone four days per week for a  few hours each day.  The pay is $500 per week.  For job details, email (insert email here).

Okay, the text is fine even though I find it odd that Ann is contacting me and not her friend.  But the real kicker?  When the texts come in, they always come in sets of six.  Each text is basically the same, just names have been changed.  The one that really cracks me up is when it comes from Pastor John.  Apparently, Pastor John does not yet live here, but he needs someone to care for his dog four days per week a few hours a day.  HUH????!!!!  Does the dog live here alone or something?  Come on people, think things through!  If you are going to try to scam someone, don’t send out multiple texts at the same time, and at least be creative!  I mean, you could change the wording once in a while, right?

I have no idea what the real agenda is.  I’m wondering if I agree to do this, if they then request all of my personal information to do a background check and then they have my name, address, social security number, etc.   Every one of the messages also states that they got my contact from Care.com.

I just delete them, but it got so bad that I canceled the Care.com account and I HOPE it stops soon.

So, see?  I do know a bit about spam and scam!”

I guess I will try Craigslist for advertising and see how much of the old spam and scam I get from there.  According to a lot of daycare providers in my area, that is one of the best ways to advertise.  I think I will not give out my phone number and set up a special email to handle this to try it out.  Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “SPAM, The Other White Meat

  1. That is ridiculous. Our public school calls texts and emails both my husband and I x4. So we have come to dread snow days with our phones blowing up at 5am. I found you through the blog pitch party.

    • Hi there! I have heard that the schools do a lot of texts and emails these days. The mom of the family I work for was so sick of the emails by the end of the school year that she stopped opening them!

  2. It’s Tania stopping in to say hi from Blog Pitch Party. Lesson learnt, you have to be so careful where you put your contact number the scams these days are insane and so easy to fall for. A dedicated email is a better idea. Good luck!

  3. That bytes. 🙂 Seriously. It does.

    Several years ago, there was a man who made his money on SP@M. One of the people at the wrong end of his ads happened to know a thing or million about computers. He found the guys address and sent it to the people he was targeting. Now THAT’s what I call revenge.

    The ones that crack me up are: Dere Mrs ______, I am a Cristian from Nigeria….I am a widow and need money…


    Granny, I feal ur pane. 🙂

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