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Birthday Post

Today, I turn 59 years old.  I kind of feel it, too.  The weather is cooling and my arthritic joints are stiff and sore.  My joints do NOT like cold weather!  But, I will do my workout soon and it helps to get the kinks out.

I am going to attempt to list 59 things about me.  I don’t expect anyone to read them all.  I’m not even sure I will come up with 59, but here goes!

  1. grumpy
  2. tired
  3. OCD
  4. sneaky
  5. shy
  6. confused
  7. lazy
  8. chubby
  9. short
  10. coffee addict
  11. chocolate addict
  12. okay, FOOD addict
  13. animal lover
  14. nanny
  15. I think kids are amazing and incredibly smart
  16. I think I am incredibly smart (well, one can dream, right?)
  17. short tempered
  18. Yet, even though I am #17 I have a high understanding of children so am patient with them (most of the time)
  19. am a huge baby when sick
  20. am a huge baby when not sick
  21. okay, I am an emotional person, OKAY?!
  22. love to read
  23. love to write
  24. like B rated Syfy movies
  25. like cop/robber shows
  26. like reading murder mysteries
  27. prefers large print books
  28. likes taking walks
  29. loves the sound of water (a creek in the woods is heaven)
  30. likes spending time with my kids
  31. likes casual clothes (I don’t even own a dress, hate them!)
  32. likes planning preschool activities
  33. likes to laugh
  34. likes reading blogs
  35. I wish I could help the stray cats around our house more
  36. is finally getting a lot of gray hair (I wondered when that would happen)
  37. misses old friends
  38. loves to play Lord of the Rings Online and Everquest
  39. wish I could make money doing #38
  40. wishes people would hire me even though I am older (this is a very hard thing!)
  41. can still get on the floor and play
  42. Love to play hide and seek with the kids
  43. Love to play tag and catch with the kids
  44. I can speed walk faster than I run
  45. can slap you silly if you sass me (and will!)
  46. I like to clean everyone’s house but mine
  47. I am a lousy cook  (not joking even a little bit)
  48. But, I can bake junk food just fine (go figure)
  49. I don’t like shopping
  50. I have terrible allergies (decaying plants get me big time)
  51. I have a hard time sleeping
  52. I can laugh, cry, and throw a tantrum within a 10 minute period of time (told you I’m an emotional person)
  53. I like to read quotes
  54. Summer and Fall are my favorite seasons (even though I get migraines in the fall from the plants dying)
  55. I like to give advice, but hate to follow it myself (I seem to prefer learning the hard way)
  56. I try to see both sides of an argument
  57. I am a Libra
  58. I am an expert at procrastination
  59. I am 59 years old today!



20 thoughts on “Birthday Post

  1. I love the idea of listing attributes for every year of your life. What fun! I think I’ll try that this year (I have a few more than you!) Hope you had a very happy birthday (they seem to come faster and faster as we age, don’t they?)

  2. Happy Birthday! I loved this post! You could write a whole other post on almost all 59 things. Remember that sometime when you’re stuck for a topic. Maybe I should come up with my own list on my birthday next month.

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