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My New Adventure

Years ago, I dabbled in direct sales.  I have decided to try it again!  Don’t worry, I won’t be spamming sales posts or anything.  In fact, we are not allowed to!  I just thought I would mention it if you are interested in the products and need a consultant.  I am currently only doing online sales as my job keeps me pretty busy.

The company is Thirty One Gifts and I love their stuff!  I have 3 lunch thermals that I got from them and I am drooling over a couple of the large bags that I could really use for hauling preschool and art supplies around in.  I know someone who sells this and decided to join her team to try to raise the money to buy the things I want!  At a discount, no less!

I made a page that has my site link, but that is all I will do with it here.

If you want to check it out, I will post it once on this post as well.  I am kind of excited because it is something I can do and after I get some inventory I would like doing home parties.  I am a talker, so it’s right up my alley!

Happy Sunday, all.



5 thoughts on “My New Adventure

    • the ones I have so far have gone through the torture test and are doing okay. That is part of what made me really like them! I carry everything but the kitchen sink to work and back every day lol!

  1. I love it to go to such home parties… it’s not only to buy something, it’s to spend time with friends and neighbors… and there is always room for a candle or aplastic box in our crib :o)

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