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Six Year Olds are Smarties

I know I have posted about this child before!  I will call him Z.  He is six and, well, he knows everything there is to know.  I can teach him nothing because HE KNOWS IT ALL.  In other words, he is a typical six year old.

He delights in reminding me of how old I am.

“Kathy, did you know you are 59 now”  he will randomly say.

“Kathy, did you know that 59 is almost 60?” is another favorite of his.

“Kathy, I want to play my football game.”  He says.  I answer, “Okay, but I can’t play that one.  I never really learned how to control those kinds of games.  I’m more of a computer gamer and use a mouse and keyboard.”  To that he says, “I know you can’t play.  I mean, what 59 year old can play a video game?”

“Kathy, let me show you how you run.”  He giggles.  He then runs in very slow motion and once in a while he falls to the ground.  “That’s how 59 year olds run!”

Yeah, you keep up the giggles, Mr Z.  Good thing I love that little bugger!

He actually is a sweet person and is very funny and fun to be around.

Well, nap time is almost over so I better pretend I am working.  And NO it’s not my nap time, even though I am fifty-nine.  I know that’s what you all were thinking!


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