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Terror of the Playground

So, this happened at work today.

The family I work for has a long haired chihuahua.  He is small enough to sneak under the back yard fence, and frequently tours the neighborhood.  We try to supervise his outside times, but let’s face it….when watching kids, it’s not always possible to do this!

My son and I and three of the boys were playing at the playground next to their house.  A woman and two other children were there as well.  I just happened to notice the two kids were sitting in the wood chips next to the slide petting Mr Runaway Dog (Gus is his name)!  As I am walking over to get him to take him in the house, he suddenly hikes his leg and pees on one of the kids.  I screamed his name and ran over!  I grabbed him and fled the scene of the crime, yelling “SO SO SORRY!” over my shoulder at the top of my lungs.

Yes, he is now the new terror of the playground.  Beware the 10 pound bully!  He will pee on you!

I’m kind of glad I have Thursday off…hahahahahahaha!


5 thoughts on “Terror of the Playground

  1. hahaha…omg… you can surprise the family tonight with a good news. they have one kid more now… things marked by dogs are theirs furever&ever… of till the marked object/subject takes a bath :o)

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