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Board Games and Me

I love making board games for kids.  My most recent one is called Teddy Bear Hunt and is designed for kids ages two to four.  It has a color path, kind of like Candy Land (only much smaller) and along the way you catch Teddy Bears!  You must catch five to win.  But, as you go, some Teddy Bears might escape!  The three year old I watch (we call him Q) likes it.  We did a trial run to see how it goes.  I need to make a couple of changes to improve it, but it’s almost there.  I will post a picture of it when I get it completed.

If I knew how to go about selling the games I make, I sure would!  But, they are made of simple every day materials for the most part and I don’t think anyone would want to buy them as they don’t look “store bought”, you know what I mean?  I LOVE creating things for kids and I really think it is where I shine.  I have worked with kids for over thirty years, and I have a decent knowledge of what kids like and need at different stages.  I can get lost for hours in research and developing activities for the kids I watch.  I tailor them to the needs of each child to help them along their learning journey.

I also love to make scavenger and treasure hunts for kids.  One summer, I had an ongoing one that lasted the entire summer break for three kids I watched that summer.  The last week before school started, they were able to find the treasure!  I had them travel through a lot of different countries to find it.  They had to research and write about various topics to unlock clues.  They had to write poems and short stories to unlock other clues.  They loved it and really looked forward to our weekly treasure hunt sessions.

I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I do have ideas stuck in this old brain of mine.  If I had the slightest clue how to market those ideas, I would!  Our family is struggling financially, and it would be such a blessing to be able to make ends meet doing things I love!  I do love the kids I watch, but let’s face it.  Child care does not pay a lot.  The families pay what they can, and I appreciate it so much, don’t get me wrong!  But, we do have bills and more bills and I need to make more money somehow.  The real problem is, you need money to get started on any type of business venture, and I just don’t have any.

So, does anyone want to buy home-made cheap looking board games?  haha!


7 thoughts on “Board Games and Me

    • I LOVE the young ones. From about 12 months to 4 years, they are so open and eager to do new things and I love watching them learn! I will have to put together a list of things that are popular with a new 2 yr old. I don’t have inventory of things to sell (yet) but I just might do that! You are so sweet to take interest and spark hope and excitement in the heart of this old lady! hehe

      • I totally encourage you to market your games. There is a HUGE market for unusual stuff like this, and great interest in game that stimulate the imagination. Of course I have no knowledge about HOW to market anything, but somebody somewhere knows something.

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