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Things I Did On Sunday

My Sunday chores were as follows:

  1. Started tax prep for us.  Creating an excel sheet for deposits, expenses, etc.  Printing out forms and putting them in a folder (Hey, at least they are printed!)  Looking for receipts.  I have a special place we are supposed to put receipts, but somehow they end up all over the house.  I swear we like to hide them so we can have a really fun experience looking in every nook and cranny!  What is a cranny anyway?  I should look that up.
  2. Laundry.  I assume that needs no explanation.
  3. Changed sheets on my love seat (I don’t have a bed, I sleep on a tiny love seat)
  4. Closed myself into my room pretending to work and played Lord of the Rings Online
  5. Did my work out and doubled up on my elliptical time!
  6. Caught up on the new Macgyver show.  I like it!
  7. Did more time pretending to work and played World of Warcraft
  8. Posted in my Thirty-One Gifts VIP group
  9. Played my Goodgame Big Farm game.  I’m starting to see a very disturbing pattern here!
  10. Read a lot of blogs!

How was your Sunday?


3 thoughts on “Things I Did On Sunday

  1. My biggest accomplishment was cutting back the roses for winter. Last year, I never got around to it all, so I’m glad it is done. Also went grocery shopping, read blogs, and played video games as well. No exercise happened, good for you on that one.

  2. wow that was definitely NO lazy sunday… congrats for managing so much things… I probably got a brain-blackout and decided to clean up the attic… I still feel like a polar bear or an eskimo :o)

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