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Direct Sales Adventures

I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and have always been a little on the shy and introverted side.  I have very few friends and I tend to shut myself out of the lives of those I care about.   I know this sounds terrible, but it is true!

I am so torn between wanting to be out there socializing and being a person to be relied upon and wanting to sit in my room playing games and reading.

For this reason, I joined the throngs of people trying to do direct sales.  I thought it might force me to get out in the world more!  I like the product I’m trying to sell (Thirty-One Gifts).  I wouldn’t even attempt it if I didn’t really like it myself!  But, the terms of service really restricts what you can do to sell.  I signed up for the online sales only to get started because I couldn’t afford the starter kit.  Well, they tie your hands so tight with advertising rules that it is next to impossible to really do it online.

So, I purchased the mini catalogs (40 for $6) and made flyers with my information on them.  I put them in bags to hang on doorknobs.  So, my son and I are out and about with the kids on a nature walk and I brought my catalogs with me.  I was barely able to approach a door to hang it on the doorknob!  I thought I would pass out.  I finally did it and turned and RAN away as fast as my old lady legs could carry me!  My son ended up doing this for me.  He also has OCD.  We are quite a team haha!

Now, I sit back and see if I get any responses to my son’s effort!

Have you had experience with direct sales?  I did sell Tupperware years and years ago.  At that time, Tupperware sold itself.  I just told people I can order it for them, and I made decent money for a while!  Let me know if you have experience and if you have advice!


Granny K (Kathy)


15 thoughts on “Direct Sales Adventures

  1. Hi Kathy, I had a very similar experience. I’m in direct sales also but focused on passive-aggressive marketing by getting people to approach me. I have a bag that I bought online that instructs people to ask me for a brochure. I find it way easier to talk to them about my business. I’m in the top 13% of sellers in my are and one of the top new leadership representatives so even though it may seem like it, it is definitely not impossible. Even though we’re not with the same company, I’d like to share some ideas I have for shy sales reps. I hope you find them helpful. Good luck!



    • Thank you for reading and commenting! I no longer do direct sales. I think the problem with it here is every other person is trying to sell, so there are no customers. I did everything but give the product away, and still ended up spending more than I made in a 3 month period of time. I spent a lot of time on it as well. I decided it’s not worth my time. I could make more doing date night sitting than what I made in 3 months and I worked hard at it. I guess it’s just not for me. I’m glad you are doing great, though! 🙂

  2. Is old PartyLite a few years back. The quality of the product was amazing, and their commission was fair, and their consultant discount was more than generous. The social aspect of the tiers of organization was where I fell out. But beyond the team leaders I was really having a blast there for a while!

  3. I tried to do Avon, big disaster. I tried Petra Fashions, which was some beautiful lingerie sold by fun parties. That went a little better for a little while. I was great at doing the presentation and running the silly games. However, when it came to booking parties, I sucked. Nobody wanted to have a party! And when I tried to call people who might like to have a party, I got such social anxiety! I had panic attacks! I sat there with the phone in my hand hoping for an earthquake or tornado to stop me. And I thought I was an extrovert!

  4. I could never do direct sales; I hated even trying to help my kids sell stuff to friends and neighbours and work colleagues for school fundraisers. Its not that I can’t ‘face’ people, though – I was a college professor for 30+ years. There’s just something about asking someone to ‘buy from me’ that bothers me (I suppose I’ll have to get over it if I ever want to sell a story/novel, though). When I was a teenager, my father was into local politics and one of my ‘responsibilities’ was to go door to door canvassing for him – even saying, ‘Please vote for my Dad because he’s got your best interests at heart’ (or some such thing) make me feel sick to my stomach! Good luck (I checked out the products you sell – they look amazing; unfortunately, I’m in Canada!)

    • They are amazing. If I didn’t like them I would not even try. Thank you for looking! It is sold in Canada as well if you are interested. I just can’t sell it to you.

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