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Thank You Promptosaur!

morning Good morning world,

Today, I had a look at the Promptosaur page because I only have two working brain cells left and was tired of staring at a white, blank screen.  Thank you a million times for this.  It is saving me today!  I decided to pick a few topics to cover today.  This might give you some insight to my very exciting and coveted life.

  1.  Are you messy or neat?  Does it matter to you?   Well, I am by nature a messy person.  My house is usually messy.  By messy, I don’t mean disgusting and gross with rotten food and filth splattered around.  I mean, it has a lot of stuff just piled here and there.  I also tend to just leave out the mess when working on a project.  I don’t put away the mess until I’m done, even if it takes weeks.  On the other hand, I am an ultra clean freak when working in someone’s home.  My philosophy is to leave the house cleaner when I leave than I found it when I arrived.  I don’t let people clean up after me!
  2. What’s inside your fridge?  The best answer to that is…mostly water.  It has sprung a leak and we have to put towels and bowls in there to catch the water.  I was told there is a clog in the line someplace and to defrost it for a couple of days to allow ice to melt.  So, we packed our food into coolers and let the fridge stand for a couple of days while turned off.  It was flooded with water, so I know it melted.  It ran better for about a week, and is now back to leaking again.  This fridge is 15 years old, so I think it feels like I do.  I am getting older and tired, and I leak sometimes myself.  But, that is a post for another day.
  3. If you didn’t know how old you are, how old would you be?  Older than dirt.  You have to respect anything older than dirt, right?
  4. The number three.  Okay, this is not a prompt from Promptosaur, but I can’t do 3 topics.  I must do an even number!  Three is (to me) evil.  I think I posted about that somewhere in this blog.  I avoid the number three whenever it is possible!  So, take that number three!  I have four topics!

Well, that is enough from me today.  I might pull a few more from that post soon and see what I can do with them.  For now, have a wonderful Friday!



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