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No Thanksgiving Dinner

Well, the bad news is we can’t afford a turkey and all of the trimmings for Thanksgiving this year.  I will miss the turkey and rolls the most!  We only get them once a year.  The good news is I am a terrible cook, so I won’t be destroying a turkey this year.  The turkeys are safe from me.turkey-with-pilgrim-hat-vector-file

I am still going to be thankful for what I do have.  I still have a place to live, even though financially we are on a steady nose dive.  Things might turn around at any time.  I have to maintain hope!  My son is looking for work, with no luck yet, but he is trying.  My daughter has a part-time nanny job and is looking for a way to fill in the other days.  We can do this!

Having your own little business is a pain at times, but at least if I want to yell at my boss, I can just mutter under my breath to myself and be done with it.  I guess I can even fire myself if I want to!  Or, give myself a promotion!  I HAVE THE POWER!


15 thoughts on “No Thanksgiving Dinner

      • If you don’t mind, I’d like to send you a gift card. I don’t have much myself but at least you could buy enough for your family to have a decent dinner for Thanksgiving. ❤

      • You are so sweet, but that’s not necessary! I am rich in other ways and I’m pretty used to being poor. I chose to do childcare knowing it is a low paying job. HUGS though, you are so sweet. The owner of the house we are renting surprised us by paying our Water/Sewer/Garbage bill this month as a thank you for being such good tenants, so I am thinking to at least get a turkey!!!!!

  1. I’m sharing this to my Facebook page, and commenting that your positive attitude is almost as good as the Whos singing without any presents at all! Are there any churches or organizations in your area that offer a free dinner to all comers? I’ve seen a few of those around.

    • **blush** I was sad about it, but it will be fine. At least I won’t have a lot of dishes to do LOL. We do still have food, it’s just boring stuff lol! We will be fine. Thanks for that mental image, by the way. Now, I must go do my hair like a Who!

  2. I do pray that things get better, but you are right that with or without a turkey, there is still so much to be thankful for. One of them is the simple fact that we woke up this morning. That alone is a gift.

  3. yes, theoretically you can fire or hire yourself… isn’t that great? no seriously, I wish you all the bestest luck and I hope your business brings only good things to you and some green papers :o) … then you can give yourself a pay raise :o)

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