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YES Thanksgiving Dinner

I’m sorry, lovely turkey!  It looks like I am going to burn you after all!

The owners of the house we live in surprised me by paying the monthly Water/Sewer/Garbage bill as a holiday present!  It was so very sweet of them!  That left $70 in the budget that I had set aside for it.  So, we zoomed to the store and bought stuff for a dinner.  I didn’t buy tons like I usually do, so it will only be one dinner instead of four days of it like my kid are used to, but we are so grateful and happy!

grumpOn a completely different topic, is anyone else having WordPress load incredibly slow?  It started a week or so ago for me.  Just going between blogs to read posts takes forever!  It took so long to load the WordPress site this morning that I thought I had lost my internet connection or something!  Everything else on my computer works fine, just WordPress.  I don’t mind waiting a short time but SHEESH it’s getting annoying.  It is cutting into my reading time!  And, Granny K does not like that!

I think it is coffee time!!!!



7 thoughts on “YES Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. H.u.r.r.a.y. There are good people in this world. Glad you will celebrate Thanksgiving.
    I had slow WP some time ago. I wonder if WP people aren’t fixing things in the background–things that don’t need to be fixed. Sigh.

  2. That’s happened to me, too, with wordpress. I thought it was because I have so many tabs open on my browser. I closed half of them and it still was slow.

    Thanks for letting all of us with a smiliar problem know. 🙂

    Enjoy your dinner, it will leave you with many frozen meals to enjoy for the next several months.

  3. that was really super nice… enjoy a wonderful tahnksgiving dinner! it#s great that this cold world still has people with a warm heart.
    I have horrible problems, it’s so slow that the sites even crash down because the response needs nearly hours. I feel like back to the 90’s where we could visit the bathroom and clean out the dishwasher while waiting till a page appears. I switched to google chrome as browser and it is not perfect but better now. there is a script in wp what works not with firefox…

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