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Dreams and Getting Punched

Yes, you did read that post title correctly!  I am about to tell you a true story of something that happened to me at 1 am last night (technically 1 am this morning, I guess).  The story is true, and I did not change the names to protect the innocent because, well, I am not innocent!


I have been having a lot of disturbing dreams lately.  I think it is due to stress and fear of (everything) our financial situation.  A lot of the dreams involved my mother (who passed almost 2 years ago) and various other family members.  My mom is always there, but the rest of the dream cast changes.

In this dream, I was back in the old house I grew up in, and my kids and mom were there.  For some reason, my mom was really mad at me (I can think of many reasons why she should be).  I walked to the store and when I was on the way home, I saw my mom walking alone.  I tried to hurry over to her, but she was gone.  When I got near the house, my sister hollered at me to go to the house across the street.  She was standing in the doorway, waving me over.  So, I went to that house, and she and her husband explained to me that my mom bought this house and they were now living there with her.  Our old house was vacant.  While I was at the store they had moved an entire house.  My sister was asking me if I was mad because they are there, and I was assuring her I was not.  Why would I be mad?  I was happy that they were closer to me.

At that point, I woke suddenly because something punched me in my right side.  I jolted awake and sat up, looking frantically around.  I could still feel that punch!  I would shrug it off to a strange dream, except my side is sore as if bruised.  I have NO idea what happened, but it kind of creeped me out!

So, what do you think happened?  I’m not ruling out the possibility that I beat myself up in my dream, because I tend to beat myself up mentally all of the time.  Maybe, that is it!  I’m now going to slap myself silly at night!  Go me! haha!


8 thoughts on “Dreams and Getting Punched

  1. I dreamt once that I got punched in the shoulder, and it was so painful. I woke up with a bruise on my shoulder and when I looked on the floor beside my bed, the canvas that was hanging on my wall over my bed was lying there. It had obviously fallen at some stage and the corner of it hit my shoulder during the night haha

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