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Days Off

I need to figure out how to have a day off.  I didn’t work yesterday, but I worked harder than if I went to work.  I always seem to find so many busy tasks that I end up exhausted!  Maybe, that’s my way of relaxing and I just don’t know it haha!

I also finished up a Facebook Thirty-One party and started another.  I am only breaking even so far, but I find I really have fun putting the party together and making posts for it!

My son, Chris, had some excitement.  He has been applying for jobs for so long with no responses.  Then, Fred Meyer called!  He has an interview next Tuesday morning.  We are keeping our fingers crossed it will go well.  They asked him a few questions on the phone.  I assume it was to see if they even wanted to bother with an interview.  He must have passed because he got the interview!

I was asked to go to work for about five hours today, so I must keep this short so I can get ready.  I don’t mind going in because, well, MONEY!  hahahaha!!

When I get home, I am going to bake the rolls and pie.  We will try to not eat them before tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day, all!


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