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Blogger Q and A Tag Game

Thank you for posting this, MerBear!  I decided to give it a try.  If you want to participate, just do the following:  thank the person who invited you.  I am giving an open invitation for all to participate! Then, answer the questions.  Technically, you are supposed to nominate 10 other bloggers and notify them that you did so.  Then give them 10 new questions, but I am following Mer’s (can I call you that?) example and doing the same questions and giving an open invite for all to do the same.

  1.  Which do you prefer.  Tea, coffee, or something else?  I like them all, it just depends upon the time of day.  Coffee before my eyes are open in the morning, a cup of tea after lunch, and a soda later if I feel like adding sugar to my day.  I try to only do that once a week as I don’t need that stuff!
  2.   Vacation destination – beach, city, cruise or adventure?  At my age, I should probably stick to beach or cruise.  But, I would like some kind of adventure!  Maybe not one quite like the one Bilbo Baggins went on, but an adventure!
  3.   As a writer do you plot your novels step by step or free flow allowing the idea freedom? I don’t write novels, but if I did I would probably free flow.  My life is pretty much free flow.  That could be taken wrong, couldn’t it?
  4.  Given the choice would you either write your memoir OR the autobiography of someone else? Not trying to be a smarty, I promise.  But an autobiography IS the story of my life, right?  I would write a biography of someone else.  I already know my life and it would bore me and others.  Well, it would bore me, anyway.
  5.   What inspires you to write?  My remaining active brain cells do.  Also, my many mood swings!
  6.    Do you prefer one genre or many to read? If one genre – why that one?  I read many.  Again, it depends upon my mood and attention span level at the time!  My least favorite, though, is romance.  BLEH
  7.   Which TV show from your childhood was your favorite?  Dark Shadows!  I remember my brother and I rushing home from school to watch that every day!
  8.  What is your preference for a pet? Dog or cat or some other animal? In a perfect world, I would like a dog and cat.  We are not allowed dogs here, but they are loving and loyal.  They can make you feel better when you are down.  I love cats as well!  Especially if they are playful and cuddly.  They are beautiful and majestic animals.  We have three cats.
  9.  List two items you would rescue in the case of a house fire.  I don’t think pets are really items, but it goes without saying that they would be saved.  Maybe for the two items, my clothes if I can grab some, and my business folder with tax info!
  10.   What skill do you wish you had?  I would love to have strong computer skills.  I was reading about being a virtual assistant, and I think I would like it!  There are so many things I still want to try, but my life is zooming by too fast!

Now, it is your turn!


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