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After Thanksgiving

So, now it is “After Thanksgiving”.  That is the time I have to try to get rid of any weight I gained so that I can gain it back with Christmas goodies!  I gain weight so easily.  I was told to exercise so my metabolism would increase and it would be easier to keep weight off.  I do a minimum of 20 minutes a day of elliptical and weights.  I run around a lot while at work, playing tag, hide-and-go-seek, sports, and climb around on the playground.  My meals consist of high protein/low fat foods, some fruit and veggies.  Yet, I don’t drop even a pound.  After two Thanksgiving meals, both of which I did not over-do it, just had one helping and not huge portions, I have gained four pounds.  That’s how my body works!

weight I do all three of the choices on a daily basis.  At least that’s how it feels!  I would just fast for a day a week if that helps, but my peptic ulcer would scream all kinds of obscenities at me!  I get severe stomach pain and acid reflux  if I skip a meal.

Have any of you had trouble losing a few pounds, and if you succeeded, how did you do it?  I will listen to any and all ideas, even if they are “out there”.  haha!



7 thoughts on “After Thanksgiving

  1. I don’t worry about weight so long as I can get into my jeans. Then I worry and still that doesn’t help take off any weight. Ugh. o_O ❤ 😀
    It's a full-time job keeping my weight down but in the past year, I've gained a spare tire around my middle and doubt I'll take it off at my age.

  2. Oh, I feel your pain! The only way I can lose weight is SLOOOOWLY with a combination of diet and exercise. I swear by the South Beach Diet, and I like to run, although I know it would be a good idea to incorporate strength training. The weight comes off in teeny tiny increments, but it lumps back on pounds at a time! Is this middle age? Well, one does what one can. Rock on!

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