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Dead Squirrels

I wonder if I should be worried about the number of squirrel deaths there has been at our house.  I have lived in this house for seven years, and have never seen this happen.

At least once a week, there is a dead squirrel in the same spot in our front yard.  THE SAME SPOT!  This has been happening for several weeks.  They are directly under a wire, so I wonder if they are being electrocuted.  There is no signs of injury on them.  Just suddenly there, dead.

We have not been experiencing any trouble or signs of trouble, but I wonder if I should contact the electric company, just in case?  Would they think I’m out of my mind?  It just seems odd to me!

Yesterday, as my kids and I were heading to the car to go grocery shopping, I just mentioned that I hoped we wouldn’t see another poor squirrel in the yard.  The words were barely out of my mouth when we saw it.  Squirrel number five had been suddenly and mysteriously killed.

Am I the only one who thinks this is odd?



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