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The Cats Know!

I don’t know how they do it, but the cats know when it is Monday, and they delight in keeping me up all night!

I developed a huge headache yesterday, so I went to bed very early, around 8 pm.  At midnight, I hear scratching on my door.  I open the door and both cats fled the scene of the crime!  At 2 am, I hear it again and this time one is crying very sadly as well.  I go to the door and open it, and they both flew down the hallway.  It reminded me of kids doing the whole ‘ring the doorbell and run’ prank.  It happened again at 2:20 and again shortly after 3.  So, tonight the cats will be exiled to the spare room.

I would just let them in at night if they would settle down.  But, they are cats, so that does not happen.  They swat at your face and bound around the room, having a merry old time.

Today, I still have a huge headache, and now very little sleep to go with it.  I think it is going to be a round Monday.

I hope you all have a good one!

P.S.  The power company is going to send someone out to check the lines on our house to make sure things are okay.  We have another dead squirrel out there.  I feel like a mass murderer 😦


6 thoughts on “The Cats Know!

  1. My two cats lie quietly on the bed until I turn off the TV and the lights. Then they immediately get up and go downstairs and race around like idiots, making all sorts of noise while they play with their toys, run up and down the hallway, ‘argue’ with one another, and cause general mayhem. It lasts for at least an hour. I have a loft bedroom (no walls, no door) in the new house, so I’m forced to persevere until they finally give up and go to sleep (although sometimes I’ll hear various noises during the night, too). I think they do it deliberately! At least I don’t have to get up and go to work anymore.

    • Ours do that, too! And, I have noticed that they are “needy” at nights when we have all been gone at the same time. So, if we all 3 work and are gone, that night Salem is really not wanting to be alone. It’s hard to get too mad because she just loves us!

      • On days when I’m gone all day (I spend one day a week with my granddaughter), my one cat (Claire) sits with her back to me – making it clear she’s not happy with me. She does the same thing when we’ve had company (she isn’t a particularly social cat). Isn’t it funny how they express their ‘feelings’?

    • Turned out to be a half day. Dad boss was also fighting a migraine and he sent us home around 12:30. Good for me, but hard on the finances as I will only get a half day of pay. I’m so greedy lol

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