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Winter is for Reading

books Now that winter is fast approaching, I should be able to read more.  Once we get the rest of the leaves taken care of, there will be almost no outside work to do.  I plan on reading!  I have been enjoying murder mysteries lately.  I’m not sure what that says about me, but I like them!  I will just randomly pick several and hope one is a good one!  Of course, I use the library, so if they are all duds, it didn’t cost me anything but my time and a tiny bit of gas for the car.  The library is almost walking distance (It is walking distance for my son, but for me it’s just a bit far).

I love sitting all wrapped up nice and cozy on a winter afternoon, with a book in my lap!  I had a Kindle, but it is ancient old and no longer works.  I think I prefer actual books, anyway!

Our library is pretty small, but there are ample books to choose from.

Now, I want to go to the library, but silly work is getting in the way!  Okay, maybe not silly work.  Without that we would be in serious trouble!

Have a great Tuesday, all!


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