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From the Wonderful Brain of Zan

At work yesterday, I was sitting at the table with three of the boys and we were eating lunch.  Out of the blue, Zan, who is six years old asked me a question.

“Kathy, are you poor”

I was truthful.  “Yes, we are pretty poor.  But we are okay.”

He thought a minute and then said, “You’re poor, but not too poor.  You just don’t have money.”

I agreed with him that I did have a lot that others might not have, and that made me rich in some ways.

“You have a car.”  He said.  “And you have food.”

I agreed.

That was the end of that conversation.  I have no idea why he thought to ask, unless he has overheard me talking to my son about bills at some point or something.  I thought it was very touching that he had those thoughts.  This is a child that will be silly and goofy at times, but then will blow my socks off at  his insight.  He is (besides being adorable) one of the most intelligent people I have had the pleasure of being around.  Sharp as a tack, that child!


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