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Winter, Please Just Be Done Already!

Sorry for the long absence.  Life has been…interesting.

I live in Meridian, Idaho.  We had a huge storm come through and dumped at least a foot of snow on us in a short amount of time.  That is a lot of snow for this area, and the city is not equipped or prepared for that kind of weather.  It’s the worst storm we’ve had here in thirty years!  It closed the schools for three days in a row.  I bet the kids liked that, but I don’t!  I work for a teacher, so if he doesn’t work, neither do I and that means no pay.  We are due to have another (at least) six inches of snow this weekend, and then rain!  Meridian declared a state of emergency and is trying to prepare for flooding.  What a winter so far!

Right now, we are getting below zero temps, and of course that is when our pellet stove decided it didn’t feel like working.  I got up Friday morning to a freezing house!  Thank goodness I leave the cold water running in all faucets to reduce the chance of freezing pipes.  It turns out, it is the thermostat that is acting up.  When the stove stops responding, I have to push the reset button on the thermostat, and then it works again for a while.  So, that needs replacing.

Then, about two weeks ago, before the winter from (freezing) hell arrived, our tub clogged up.  My son spent some time plunging and got it draining slowly.  We put down clog remover, and it zoomed down the drain!  All was well for two days and then it clogged again.  This time, no matter what anyone does it will not drain.  Well, it does drain, but it takes an entire night to drain a couple of glasses full of water, so it’s not usable at all.  We only have one tub.  I got us each our own buckets and that is how we bathe now.  Soap, water, wash cloth and buckets.  We now live like Little House on the Prairie.

Today, I washed a load of clothes.  Opened the door to the laundry room to put them in the dryer, and, you guessed it.  The washer had leaked and the whole room was flooded.  I don’t know if it’s related to the cold and a pipe is frozen, or if the washer just crapped out.  So, off to the laundry mat I went.

I was hoping 2017 was going to be better, but it is not off to a great start.  Finances are so tight we have to squeeze a nickel until the buffalo shits ( I love that saying, so glad I could work it in).  If things keep going the way they are, and no new jobs are found this month, we will be homeless by March.  I can’t even pay all of my self-employment tax because I had to borrow some to pay bills this month.

This might be the last month we have internet, so if I totally disappear, that is why.  It is quickly becoming a luxury and we can’t afford luxuries right now.

I sure hope things are going well for all of you!


9 thoughts on “Winter, Please Just Be Done Already!

  1. ‘Like’ means I visited here and read about your rotten luck. So sorry, grannyK. Mohawkvalleygirl has her thinking cap on. Please don’t freeze. I hope your luck turns for the better and soon. Winter is so cruel. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Oh, man! I feel for your shivery pain.

    I remember a Christmas Eve in Wisconsin when we ran out of heating oil and it was somewhere around zero outside. They had to come and fill up the tank right away. No one planned for the fact that a Floridian doesn’t do winter very well. It was either having a 78 degree house or wearing a snowsuit inside. 🙂

    • lol! We keep our house at 62 because this old place costs a fortune to heat! Even at that temp, it costs about $350/month in the winter after buying wood pellets and paying electric. That is a lot when you only make maybe $1,000/month total!

  3. I hit Like, but I don’t really like this at all! How perfectly dreadful for you! The only thing I can offer is, if you lose internet service, you can go to the library and get on their computers. I’ve done that on several occasions when we’ve had issues. As far as shelter, food and bathing facilities… oh dear! Maybe you could get yourself one of them there GoFundMe pages and get strangers to donate money to you?

    • I just needed to vent. I don’t usually share such horrible personal stuff. I think I’m tired. And old. I was even told by a person I was too old and ugly to be their nanny. They wanted someone young and cute. Mostly, I’m just too old to get a job in child care, but it’s all I know! I’m a tad frustrated. Thanks for reading and responding. 🙂

      • It is really hard to be “old” in this country and time (I put it in quotes, because for heavens’ sake, we’re going to live a LOT longer than this, I hope). Hang in there! I always say, maybe nothing good will ever happen, but something funny will happen to make you laugh.

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