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I Am A Listener

I have always had a talent for listening to people.  My mom always told me that Libra fit me perfectly because I would see both sides of an argument and try to make peace.  I can usually even “hear” how a person is feeling when reading a text or Facebook message.  But, that only works if I have known the person for a while.  Then, I can sense the mood and read between the lines.

Sometimes, it’s very hard to put into words what you are feeling and what you really want to say.  I seem to be able to fill in the emotional blanks and figure out what is going on in the heads of those who speak to me.  Yes, I am bragging a bit!  I can do that once in a while, right?

When listening to someone, you can’t just hear their words and take them at face value.  There is a lot going on that is not said out loud.  You have to actually hear what they are saying.  You have to put yourself into their shoes and try to understand why they are saying what they are saying.  A lot of the time, angry and hurtful words come from a person because they themselves are hurting.  If you can understand that, you can usually diffuse a potentially bad argument before it happens.

This comes in very handy when working with children.  I try to actually hear what they are saying.  I reach for the emotions and reasons behind the words.  That way I can figure out what is really happening and try to help.  Everyone has deep emotions, but kids are overloaded with them.  And, the younger the child, the harder it is for them.

Try it sometime when someone is emotional or complaining about something.  Try to find the unspoken words.  See if you can get an understanding of their point of view before responding.  Oftentimes, a response isn’t really required.  People need to voice concerns out loud, but don’t always want help.  It’s good to know when that is the case so that you don’t make things worse!  Be there and lend an ear.

This is my lesson for you today.  It would be good to listen to an old lady!  You have your homework, now go out and LISTEN!  🙂

9 thoughts on “I Am A Listener

  1. that is a gift to “see” the vibrations and the mood behind the words… and that is a good thing… it shows that you really listen to people… and not like so much who say aha& uhum from time to time to pretend attention…

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