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St Patrick’s Day

The kids I watch (and the ones my daughter watches) LOVE St Patrick’s Day.  They look forward to that more than they do Christmas.  This is the day they get to hunt for Leprechaun treasure!!

Today, the kids and I are making rainbows and pots for gold.  We will hold them up and parade through the house while chanting, “LOOK!  We have rainbows and pots for gold!  Come on Mr. Leprechaun, come hide your treasure!”

Why do we do this?  Because, silly, everyone knows a Leprechaun will be drawn to your house if you do this.  Then, you can find their treasure!

Tomorrow morning, we will make our lucky treasure finding hats.  If I can actually remember my camera, I will get pics.  Then we will go in a room (my son will sit with them while I hide the treasure) and close our eyes and think hard about treasure!  Then it will be time to find it!

See you after our treasure hunt!



7 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day

  1. Oh I love this wonderful ritual… and I wish I could help the kids to find treasures… I ‘m good in finding stuff I even found my dad’s glasses…. well, he anyway planned to buy new ones…

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