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WordPress is Making Me A Grouchy Old Lady

I love reading blogs here on WordPress.  I even enjoy writing a post now and then.  What don’t I like about WordPress?

For a while now, the site has been very slow for me.  I can click on a blog to read and then get dressed while waiting for it to load.  Randomly, as I am scrolling while reading a post, it just sits for about 30 seconds before it will let me scroll.  That makes it so annoying and time consuming trying to check my favorite blogs!

Now, today, it has decided I can’t look at comments.  Every blog I have read today says the posts have comments, but I can’t see them.  I click on the comments link hoping it will take me there, but it does nothing.

I don’t have any issues with any other site on my computer.  Everything else works wonderfully.  My son has looked things over and run every kind of scan known to man with no change.

Any ideas of what can be causing this?  I’m about to give up on WordPress but I have my business site here!

Thanks in advance if you have any insight.


9 thoughts on “WordPress is Making Me A Grouchy Old Lady

    • you have to visit the blog to comment, don’t you? That’s how I do it and don’t know any other way lol. Even if I go to the blog I don’t see comments and can’t get to them to make one. I will give it time and see if the bug works out.

    • Those of us who have blogs want them to not only be read, but commented on. If readers can’t get to the comments section (to view what others have said and/or to add their own feedback) then the whole ‘community’ aspect of the blogging process is lost. I value comments from my readers and I want to be able to comment on what I read on other blogs as well. I hope WordPress is addressing this so we can once again access comments from the WordPress Reader section of our accounts.

      • I enjoy WordPress much more than Facebook. I only use FB to keep in touch with a few family members and to communicate with all my clients at once using a group page. But, I love reading and commenting on WP!

  1. The technology is always changing. Word Press is trying to please all. Bloggers are not usually technicans but today, it seems, we have more coding to do than writing. Such a shame. The problem is that W.P. is competing with Face Book, without the money it takes to make it a well-run operation. Thus, they have special features and tools for desk tops, iphones, ipads and all else, this does not work well for bloggers. Many have left.. Eve

  2. I feel your pain. It would be nice if we had a heads up that the gremlins are at work and to expect glitches. I, too, could reach the comments from the reader. From my understanding the WP-Gremlins are making changes to the .org side, which for some reason also affect the .com side. Whaaat? And the .com folks are making changes to the “new” Editor which is affecting the old editor. In other words functionality is being removed from both. Grrrr.

  3. The only way I could add a comment to your post was by going to your site (I could NOT access comments in the ‘WordPress Reader’). I HATE IT when they make changes and ‘test’ them on those of us who are ‘free’ subscribers to their service. I guess the old adage “You can’t get something for nothing” applies here! Hopefully they’ll get enough complaints about this that they’ll resolve it soon! Frustrating to say the least.

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