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I feel sorry for Tuesday.  I think it might be a sad day.  I guess there used to be Taco Tuesday to cheer it up, but is that still a thing?

Monday has power because it can cause such mental anguish for so many.  Wednesday is hump day, and brings a light of hope to the working masses.  Thursday is a little sad, too, but it is the day before FRIDAY!  That gives it a good name.  And, well, I don’t have to tell you how much power Friday  holds for people.

But, what about Tuesday?  It’s just kind of there.  Stuck at the beginning of the week.  Can anyone say something positive about Tuesday?  I would feel so much better.

Oh, sorry Tuesday! This probably doesn’t help!

8 thoughts on “Tuesday

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  2. Incidentally, Taco Tuesday is still a thing, at least in Copper Moose Ale House in Little Falls, NY. Their shrimp taco is one of my favorite things on earth, but I am not sure if it is included in Taco Tuesday, as I have never attended. Other than that, there is not much to say in favor of Tuesday, or, as I like to call it Itsonlyfreakin Tuesday (only I don’t always say “freakin”).

  3. Tuesday? It is generally my first day off each week. I can look forward to Tuesdays knowing that I don’t have to work.
    Also, in our town we have “Cheap Tuesday” at many of the local restaurants. There are some good deals around on Tuesdays.

  4. I love Tuesday because it’s a quieter day of the week for me, the day before I head back to my chaplain duties. I can prepare for the next two days knowing that Tuesday has few demands. Except today, when I have grocery shopping to do. But that’s still minor. Tuesday is a good day.

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