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Scared to Look at my Car

Yesterday, I actually washed my car.  I had an “OH YEAH” moment when I saw my car is actually white.  It had been so long since it was clean that I thought I had a gray car.  Now, I’m kind of scared to look at it.

Birds love pooping on my cars.  I have two driveways.  One is under wires, so it is risky to park there, but it is the best driveway for getting in and out of.  I tried the other driveway, thinking it would be nice to have less poop on my windows.  SURPRISE!  Apparently it doesn’t matter.  The birds just make it a point to fly over my car and poop anyway.

I’m scared that when I go out to leave for work, my car will look like this one.

Wish me luck!

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