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I’m Blank

I am looking for the ON switch for my brain.  Or, maybe a key that opens the door to my mind.  Nothing so far!

“I’m Blank”

I’m blank, I’m blank!

Nothing in my think tank!

My brain tells me I’m tired

And yet I feel so wired!

Well, I am just sitting here staring into space.  I don’t think anything else is going to come to me today.  That’s okay.  There’s always tomorrow (I hope).  Have a lovely Sunday!


4 thoughts on “I’m Blank

  1. Tell us about the view out of your front window. Mine today is cloudy and rainy. It looks like the people across the street are finally all staying home. (They have three cars parked outside that come and go, constantly) The trees in our yard and the ones across the street are breaking out of the winter doldrums and showing their green. That means summer is coming, which makes me so happy.

  2. Been there, stared at that. 🙂

    When your brain says it’s time to rest, it’s best to heed the advice. I have a habit of trying to push through the fog, and the 50 car accident inside my head that ensues ends up costing me an extra day to correct the mistakes I made because of it.

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