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I’m a Strange Duck

I don’t understand myself at all. I am a mystery, even to myself.

I am terrified of being around people I don’t know and I am painfully shy even though I can talk your ear off if I know you. At the same time, I crave being around people. I miss being around people. I am jealous of all of you who can be at ease with strangers and can easily strike up conversations.

I should be a Walmart greeter. I bet I would be great at it. I am scared but I am friendly. I want to help, but terrified to try. Being a greeter would push me in the right direction. It would expose me to so many different personality types.

I like to smile at people when I pass them on walks. I hope that being friendly and smiling is at least a tiny bright spot in someone’s life. I like most people ( there are some I could do without ).

Hrmmm….I might see if the position of Walmart greeter is available at the store near me. That is if my car is working long enough to make it worthwhile. It is a 2006 Pontiac that needs new control arms, bushings (I think that’s what it was called) and new front brakes. I live in fear that it will be unsafe to drive soon! But, who has almost 3k to put into a car that is worth less than 1K? Not me! I still owe over 1k on it. *sigh*

This is my new way of blogging. I just start writing what’s on my mind.

Happy Friday all!

7 thoughts on “I’m a Strange Duck

  1. Some of my favorite blogs are those that the blogger posts what is on their mind at the time. I am sorry about your car. I have not seen a greeter at Walmart in a lot of years. I am a new follower of your blog and I am enjoying it.

  2. There’s a difference between being in an audience and being on stage. Most of what I see during the rare times I go to Walmart are guards at the doors and not greeters.

    Saying what’s on your mind helps you to let go of it and see it with perspective. It made a great post.

  3. Just writing what’s on your mind is a great way of blogging. I don’t think Wal-Mart has greetings any more, which I feel is pretty foolish of them. Also, smiling at folks when you walk is a lovely thing to do! I always feel better when I see a smile!

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