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Oreo Loves Tony

Oreo is our tuxedo cat. She was the runt of the litter and was injured when we discovered them in the bushes of our front yard four years ago. She was so small she was having trouble even getting a chance to fight her siblings to eat, so we got kitten milk and fed her. We ended up keeping her and one of her sisters. I had to really sweet talk the landlord because he doesn’t like pets in the house, but he agreed.

Four years later, her sister Salem became very ill and did not make it through the illness. Oreo has always been a stand-offish cat and never really liked being cuddled or petted. She would only cuddle with her sister, Salem. That’s okay and you have to respect their personalities. We still love her. After Salem was gone, Oreo would not leave our side for days and just cried and cried. She wanted constant attention and it was so heart breaking.

After a week or so, she started to act more like her old self. She was back to not wanting to be petted unless it was her idea. That actually made me happy as it meant she was feeling better.

Then, my daughter saw Tony on the Humane Society website. She had been checking out cats in hopes of getting a companion for Oreo (and for her, let’s not pretend here lol).

Oreo accepted Tony almost immediately. He was three months old when he came to live with us, and she didn’t like his rough play much, but she would hold him down and wash him. Now, Tony is five months old and they frequently can be found cuddling together. I find it so sweet! He is as big as she is already. I think he might be a big cat!

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