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Time Change and Election

The time changes throw my body for a loop, as it does to many others. I am so tired by 7pm I can barely wiggle and my brain thinks 2:30 – 3:00 am is getting up time. I know I will adjust to it in a week or so but I don’t like it! Sleeping is hard enough as it is.

Our cats think I’m totally abusing them because even though I’m awake sooner than I should be, they hear me stirring and want FOOD!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!! They bang at my door and scream like they are the most abused creatures on the planet. But they sure are cute.

Tomorrow is the election, finally. It is my hope that after it is over and the losing party has had their tantrum, things can settle down at least a little. Well, as much as it can for the year 2020. All of this name-calling and hate spreading almost made me get rid of my social media. But I decided to just pass it all on by and enjoy the good on there. I love the memes and I do like seeing pictures of the families that I know and my own family. Since I can’t visit them it’s a great way to stay in touch and I refuse to let all of this hate destroy that for me. I just hope the “adults” that are acting like children will settle down soon.

Well, it’s Monday again so I better start getting things ready for the work week. I hope you all are safe and healthy.

6 thoughts on “Time Change and Election

  1. I am with you on all you said, except that I have no cats. I do have a little dog. I wish we did not have time change, about the time I get adjusted it changes again. I have always done better all around on standard time. Daylight savings time is when I have issues with sleeping. Hoping you will soon adjust to the time and will be able to sleep better.

  2. The older i get, the more I like standard time, and going back to it makes me happy. I hate to get up in the dark. It’s still dark at 6 a.m., but the sun is up by 7 whereas it had been almost 8 before I would see much daylight. I’m always ready for bed in the evening, never have been a night owl. Oh, maybe when I was in college, but early to bed, early to rise is my motto.

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