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Update on Holiday Weight Gain Challenge

I posted about a holiday weight gain challenge after Thanksgiving. I was challenging everyone to enjoy the season and the treats! Boy, did I take my own advice! I gained 8 pounds! My goal was to gain 10, but I did get close.

After New Year’s Day I got back to better eating habits. I still am not quite where I should be, but getting better all of the time. Once that sugar gets hold of you, it doesn’t like to let go! I’ve lost 3 of the 8 pounds I gained so far. I guess that’s not so bad in a short amount of time.

A very dear friend gave us an Instant Pot for Christmas! I’ve been wanting one for a while but didn’t feel I could spend the money on something that wasn’t an actual need. I love that thing for making veggie soup! It’s very handy for cooking beans, too. It took a few tries to get the soup how we like it, but it’s so nice. Just put everything in the pot, turn it on, and let it do the work. No more babysitting a pan on the stove and the soup is done so fast! I set it for high pressure, 2 minutes cooking time, do a 5 minute natural release, then manual release and we have soup! Cleaning it is easy, too with only one pot to clean. I did make baked apple with cinnamon and it was okay. I need to make a cooking time adjustment next time as the apples were way too soft. But I love baked apples so I will do it again. I eat them by themselves or put some in my oatmeal.

As for the ongoing saga of my car repair problems. We saved almost enough to pay the car off so we can just get rid of it. I was going to get the payoff this week! Our shower had other plans. It decided to get all snarky and after my daughter took a shower, The drip it’s had forever became a drizzle. It won’t shut all the way off. Well, after a couple of weeks I got my water bill and it went up $20 because of this. That is a LOT of wasted water, so tomorrow a plumber is coming to fix it. There goes our car money again! I am just shrugging and not letting it bug me. At least I can get this fixed!

On the work front, I am still cleaning a few houses to add to my retirement. It keeps me active and I adore all of the people we clean for. I am not a good business person and I always become friends with the people I work for. It’s just how I am. I love how we can sit down together and chat for a while before I get to work. I don’t charge by the hour, but by the job so it’s all good. We always have things to share before we get to the work part of the day.

That’s my update for now. I’m nervous about how costly the plumbing is going to be and trying to stay hopeful that it won’t be too much!

Also, I am way behind on my blog reading but hope to spend more time on WP soon.

Take care!

7 thoughts on “Update on Holiday Weight Gain Challenge

  1. After seeing your comment on a long-ago post of mine, I decided to check up on you, and just as I thought, I’ve not seen or heard from you in months! I sure hope you are doing okay.

    • I have been so busy since I retired! I don’t know how the days go so fast, but I feel like I just get up and it’s time for bed. The, I was doing live-in pet sitting. I am well, though, thank you.

  2. It does seem like just when you’re getting out from under debt, something needs fixing or hospitalization.

    It is SO easy to gain weight…too easy. Oh, look, key lime pound cake. (I’ll be making another one this week, too.

  3. Oh, I so agree about making friends! Some people like to say, “I’m not here to make friends!” Well, I am! Life is much more fun that way. Regarding cars, plumbers, etc…. I’m having a few of those issues myself. Hang in there! Regarding weight gain and loss, I am struggling, struggling.

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