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Snow Day

My daughter’s cat, Tony, loves his outside time. She trained him on a harness and rope since twelve weeks old and it’s the only way he knows to go out. The harness is kept on a shelf by the back door, and he will get on the tv stand and stretch up to get it down if he wants out. It’s pretty cute.

Today it is snowing, but that means nothing to Tony. I don’t think he even remembers snow as he was so young last winter. I don’t really know that, I’m just guessing. He has a rough, harsh sounding voice. He was following my daughter around and rubbing all over everybody’s legs. I think he figures if he’s cute enough and loud enough, he will be taken outside.

So, my daughter got him ready and opened the back door. He stopped short when he saw snow. The ramp is almost clear, but he didn’t like it on his paws. He slowly walked to the end of the ramp, but never left it. He looked around for a few seconds, turned around and went back into the house. My daughter removed the harness, and he wandered away, looking very sad indeed. Poor Tony.

What the heck is this!?

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