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No Particular Topic

It’s been a while since I posted. I really did intend to post more often, but time somehow just keeps flying by and I get nothing important done and have very little to say. I thought I would just ramble on about things I’ve been doing.

I have had a lot of lower back pain and it’s making me cranky. Full disclosure: I was already a cranky old lady, but this gives me an excuse! It’s so annoying when your body ages and you start losing the ability to do things that used to be so easy to do. It feels like I’m being erased slowly, one thing at a time. I guess that’s life.

I have been attempting to write poetry again. I used to write a lot of it, but life got so busy with, well, life and I didn’t have time. I am fond of short poetry forms, so I’m writing a bit again.

I’ve also been listening to a lot of music. I was fascinated with Jackie Evancho’s early singing career. Such a lovely voice. I haven’t really heard anything about her lately, though. I also like Matt and Savanna Shaw, a father-daughter duo. Such lovely voices. Mostly, though I have been listening to Kpop. My daughter has been a huge Army (fan) of BTS for a couple of years. I recently saw a video pop up on Youtube and decided to watch it. I loved it! I started researching them and found I am a fan. I am now listening to other Kpop music as well. I’m not a fan like I would have been as a teen, but I have an appreciation for the talent and hard work that goes into being an Idol. The songs are really pretty great and have messages that I can relate to.

I have been reading. I am currently on book 6 of a cozy mystery series by K. E. O’Connor. It’s the Holly Holmes cozy culinary mystery series. I have really enjoyed cozy mysteries.

Well, those are the main things keeping me busy lately. I hope you all are happy and well.

4 thoughts on “No Particular Topic

  1. Sounds like you are feeding your inner soul. Good for you. Hope you also get up and move about quite a bit so as to not “rust in place.” I love to sit and read but find if I do it for more than 30 minutes I stiffen up. I guess that’s why lots of people like audible books so they can move while hearing the story. I’ve never been able to do that.

    • I do exercise videos and my daughter and I walk a mile together most days. I also do yard work and clean the house. I’m not as active as when I was working, but my legs hurt if I sit for too long so I get up and putter around a lot during the day.

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