Another Post About Nothing Important

I have been keeping myself very busy lately. I am still working part time cleaning houses and for the most part I like it. I have met some seriously nice people doing this and that is a bonus. The only part I really don’t like is the driving. I don’t like driving in general and try to avoid ever driving at night. Lately, I’ve had to pick my daughter up from work in the dark and it causes anxiety like mad, but I have been doing it! Take that anxiety!

The weather has been unsettled and we had milder temps but rain and even a spattering of snow. We had some awesome clouds. I took a picture but it doesn’t do the real thing justice. And those clouds were moving so fast! Just like two minutes after snapping the picture, we had a thunder storm and it poured like mad for a few minutes. Then, the whole thing passed on by like it never happened.

The last few days, the skies have been mostly clear but the temp has dropped and the nights are very cold. Winter is coming!

I also remembered as I was creating a Christmas present for my sister that like a decade ago, I started a Zazzle shop. My account was still there, so I created a few things to put in the shop. I have had fun messing with Canva and PhotoDemon Photo Editor creating designs for the shop and a few products. I love coffee and coffee mugs, so I tend to mostly lean that way for product. It has been fun! The Granny Reports Gifts is now open for business LOL.

I hope everyone is healthy and that life is being gentle for you. See you next time!

Happy Pepper Day!

Searching for my Happiness

Happiness is scattered all over, 

torn and tossed about.

I wonder if I can gather the pieces 

and put it back together?

Maybe it’s like a puzzle

and I just need to fit the scraps of 

happiness into their proper places.

It’s not like I’m miserable now,

It’s just not the same as it used to be.

I stumble over my emotions and

they run away from me.

The anger of others soaks into my skin, 

drowning the person I used to be.

I need to evict that bitterness and 

find my home again, find my happy place.

I know it’s still there because sometimes

at night I feel it wiggling around in my head.

I need to focus on the now, focus on today.

Otherwise, I might lose those scraps of happiness forever.