A Post about a Post?

I promised more posts in the new year.  Here it is the 10th of January and no posts yet!  Can I post that I mean to post and call it a post?  I suppose that is cheating.  I might have something interesting to post about soon.

Until then, I hope you all are well!




New Year’s Resolutions

I have heard you should set goals that challenge you but that are not impossible.  Setting an impossible goal is just setting yourself up for failure.  I am going one step further and setting goals that I am pretty certain will happen.  That way, I will feel like I accomplished something!

  1.  I will gain at least one pound back for every pound I lose.  That way, it’s a pattern I’m used to and it won’t be much different than any other year.
  2. I will promise that only half of my posts will be me complaining about something.  That actually is a vast improvement to what it has been, and yet still gives me some room to complain!
  3. I will keep applying for jobs I know I can’t get so I am reminded of how few skills I have and that I am old.  Besides, who knows?  Maybe some sucker nice person will actually hire me.
  4. I will write 50% more than I did last year.  That will increase my writing by about 45%.  I call those numbers good!

I call that a decent list and if I think of more I will add more before midnight!