3am is NOT 5am

So, there is nothing like being up long enough to feed the cats and make coffee before realizing you looked at your alarm clock wrong.  What I thought was 5am was 3am.  I was up for 30 minutes and sipping coffee before seeing the actual time!

And here I thought I had actually slept in.  I was very wide awake and so proud of my actual night of sleep! hahahahaha!!



Eight Kids and a Stomach Virus

The post title says it all!  I should tell you that this post is not for you if you have a weak stomach!  You have been warned.  Again, I don’t have a picture to post with it, as I think that would be a bit much lol!

It all started with the baby, nine months old, being ill on the weekend of Sept 12th.  I had a bad feeling about it, as his mom said he was throwing up.  On Monday, he was still not keeping things down very well and was a bit grumpy.  I tried to keep a positive attitude, but I felt doomed.

On Tuesday, baby was better, but his 2-year-old brother was not.  I won’t go into detail on how his bed looked, but use your imagination.  I stripped it and washed it all.  It is so hard to keep a 2 year old down when they are sick!  I ended up scrubbing floors and doing spot cleanings on the furniture and carpets as he ran all over being sick wherever he happened to be.  The really strange thing is he seemed fine except for that.  He played all day and acted as if nothing was wrong besides the vomiting.

Wednesday morning the 5-year-old got up saying his stomach was hurting a lot.  After that, fever and vomiting followed!  He was miserable.  I had to strip his bed and wash it all, too!  As the day went on, I got two calls from the school at different times of the day to pick up sick kids!

Thursday rolls around and I am sick!  That should not be a surprise after being around it and cleaning up after if for a few days.  My son got it two days later.  Somehow, my daughter was spared and I am grateful for that!

I am still struggling with my stomach.  I have an ulcer and any type of stomach virus wreaks havoc with me.  I am slowly getting better, though.

I hope you all had a much better month than we did!  I have enjoyed the weather, though.  Cool nights and hot afternoons.  Fall is my favorite time of year, except for the plants dying and leaves falling.  I do prefer green plants and green trees!

I am hoping for a much less exciting October.  I like it because there are so many fall and Halloween activities and crafts to do with the kids!

Oh, and my birthday on Oct 2nd.  But, that isn’t all that exciting anymore as the number is getting way too big!  I will be 58, and I think I’m actually starting to feel it!