I Might Be Tired

I suffer from insomnia and had a rough night last night.  I’ve held up pretty well today, but I think I might go to bed early tonight.

You know you’re tired when you are freaking out because you can’t get any sound on your computer.  You look through everything to make sure all settings are right and decide the computer is having issues.  You complain loudly and use a few bad words.

Then, you notice you didn’t turn on your speakers.

Yeah, going to bed early tonight.


Hairspray VS Granny K

I give the hairspray can an angry glare, daring it to do its worst.

“I know you bested me last time with that squirt to the eye.”  I hiss.  “Today, that will not happen!  I ran hot water over the hole to make sure it is not clogged!  You WILL spray where I want you to spray!”

Evil hairspray can just sits quietly, acting like it can’t hear me.

I pick it up and prepare to spray.  I try to shield my eyes with my hand while leaving tiny spaces between my fingers so I can see what I am doing.  I take a deep breath, aim, and FIRE!

So, hairspray tastes as bad as you would think.  Maybe, I should have made sure my mouth was closed before spraying.  Ewwww, sticky lips!  I better go wash that off.

Well played hairspray can, well played.  I will meet you on the battlefield once again tomorrow morning.  I will be victorious!